Community Relationship Marketing

Investing in community relationships

Real Connections

We know events can be hard to plan.  Outcompete  make them easy. We help you create and manage community relationships that pay dividends. You are your best advertisement. You can impact people in ways advertising never can. Fostering fellowship, having a laugh, giving encouragement, and support creates affinity for your brand and bonds people to you.

bring people to your location for experiences

Onsite Events

Creating space for people to have non-funeral experiences with your location and your team helps them see you differently. When people can have positive experiences they can carry with them, it makes you easier to remember and it easier to talk about your brand to others in new contexts.
Food Trucks & BBQs For First Responders
Offer Picture Scanning or Paper Shredding Days
Community Resource Days
stay connected to families you have already served

Services of Remembrance

These events play a crucial role in the healing process for families. They give you and your staff an opportunity to reconnect in person, share a hug and to provide encouragement. It is also a dignified way to promote your business during the holiday season.
Holiday Remembrance Programs
Butterfly or Dove Release Days
Mother's Day Events and Giveaways
Recognition beyond words

Veteran Relationships

A dedicated event is a tangible way to recognize veterans' contributions beyond mere words. These events also show you deeply understand their experiences, their feelings, and their needs which can forge lasting impact they will share among their veteran friends.
Seminars On Veteran Benefits
Flag Retirement Programs
Bus Trips to Veteran Cemeteries
Take the lead on caring for your community

Giving Back to The Community

Through community contributions and recognition of others it's possible to show your care extends beyond funeral services. As a family-owned business, you have an authenticity advantage some competitors may lack. You can be seen as a person instead of a business.
Caregiver Recognition Programs
Fundraisers and Sponsorships
Thanksgiving and Easter Meal Deliveries
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