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Leads vs Likes

Over 70% of Facebook’s users engage with the platform’s ads, making it a crucial part of any advertising budget. Facebook Ads generate direct response results. This means we deliver leads you can convert to sales.

Experts in Facebook Advertising

Custom Facebook Ads for Death Care.

Some Facebook managers and pre-need companies use generic ads for all their clients. It saves them time and money, but it costs you branded impressions which are valuable to your business. We take a different approach and ensure everyone who sees your ads recognizes your business.
Design Freedom
Focused Strategy

Regular Visitors

55-64 Over 60%
65+ Over 49%

Increase Value

Branded ads convert better because people know which business they are engaging with.

Growing Interest

Preplanning on the rise by target age group.

Educate Families

Pre-planning ads create awareness for multiple generations of a family and can start the conversation.
Get More Attendees

Advance Planning Events

While newspaper ads and direct mail invitations do still work well, Facebook Ads are much more cost effective. This campaign generated registrations for over 50 attendees.

Your business is unique, the approach we create is tailored to your success.

Ad Created with Animation
Branded for Your Firm
Signups on Facebook Platform
Tracking and Reporting
Designed for Death Care Profession
Also Generated Website Leads
Educate Your Community

Differentiate Your Funeral Home From Your Competitor

When you make the investment in professional photography and video, your results and your ROI improve. Ads and educational videos are much more engaging when they are recognizably real. Outcompete focuses on communicating real differences.

Showcase your services, your professional staff, and your genuine care.

Authentic presentation of services
Animation including custom video
Tracking and Reporting
Integrates with your website
Leads Generated
Cemetery Strategies

Show Cemetery Options

Marketing for cemeteries is different. Outcompete has many years of experience producing amazing results with campaigns designed to drive traffic or generate event attendance that converts to sales. Educating families about cremation choices is more important than ever.

Custom targeting produced over a lead a day for an entire year with an aggressive, multi message approach.

Integrated Strategy
Designed for Cemetery Sales
Signups on Facebook Platform
Tracking and Reporting
Online and Offline
Leads Generated
Projects Launched
+ Years
Combined Experience
Average Response Time
AI Customer Service Robots

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