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Effective Website Design

Goal Focused

There is a difference between how a website looks and how it works. Investing in this difference creates an advantage.  If you’re not getting leads nearly every day, your website does not work.  Outcompete helps you use your website to grow your business.

A Difference Families Notice

Built Around You

Template websites are not designed for you and are available for anyone, including competitors, to use. They make differentiation very difficult. Generic stock photos hide what your care truly looks like, and people know they are fake. Outcompete will show your community the value of funeral service and you as the best provider.
Be Unique In Your Market
Communicate Differences Families Can See
Provide Staff With a Tool to Communicate Value
the high cost of generic websites

Generate More Leads

Template website providers are focused on selling flowers, not on growing your business. They have their own objectives that compete with yours. They focus on flowers because it benefits them. Leads grow your business.
Designed To Optimize All Advertising ROI
Make It Easy For More Families Choose You
Grow and Protect Market Share
No More Stock Photos and wire services

Choose Your Florist

Outcompete will build a custom flower shop on your website, with your trusted florist. Display real photos of beautiful arrangements loved by families. You set the prices and commission with the florist. Outcompete charges ZERO commission on flower sales, letting you invest more in advertising. Website providers taking flower commissions can be costly—often more than $5000 annually for a 'free' site depending on your volume.
Custom Flower Shops With Real Photos
Earn 20-30% Commissions
Increase Purchaser Satisfaction
Create a smooth experience for families

Brand Consistency

Outcompete takes the time to help you create an experience that makes your business look professional. Logos dropped on templates that were not designed for you, plain PDFs, or third-party generic materials create a chaotic, disjointed experience and look unprofessional. Families do notice.
Show Attention To Detail On Everything
Create An Experience For Families
Be Consistent Online & Offline
Websites that work as part of a strategy

Designed For Local SEO

Outcompete builds with content that reflects your services and the cultures in your community. We also use a structure that search engines love. Both are critically important. Search engines need content relevant to key words and families need to easily find results that match their searches. This produces better results.
Integrate With Google Business Listings
Content With Local Relevancy
Dominate Local Search
Get even more out of your website

Additional Benefits

When you invest in a custom website strategy that provides a genuine look at your services, professional staff, and location, it provides tangible and intangible benefits. It enables your brand and customer experience to stand out. This not only appeals to families, but it can foster pride in the workplace, boost staff morale, and make recruiting easier.
One of a Kind and Unique to Your Community
Fosters Team Spirit and Lifts Morale
Attracts Better Staff Candidates

At Outcompete, our experienced team starts with a focus on how you are different, not how to edit a template that another funeral home might already be using in your area.  We use our technical expertise, and knowledge of your profession to deliver stunning websites that are custom built around goals you have for your business and deliver results.

What Outcompete offers, no one can match. The response from our families has been tremendous.

Robert Carmical
Money & King Funeral Home and Cremation, Owner
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