CRM and

Effective Campaign Tracking and ROI

Convert Leads

If you spend a single dollar on marketing, you must track your leads or you are wasting money. Having them organized in a CRM makes sure they all get nurtured properly and that you own them.

Understanding what is working

Campaign Tracking

Outcompete treats your precious resources like they are our own. Nothing is wasted. That's why we recommend using a CRM to manage all the leads our campaigns generate. It's a tool which shows which campaigns are working best and which lead sources sell best.
Collect and Categorize Leads by Source
Create Auto Flows to Nurture Each Lead
Create Reports to See What's Working Best
Turn leads into scheduled conversations

Appointment Setting

To get the most out of an investment in marketing, you need a plan to work the leads. Outcompete can manage and nurture your leads, including making calls to schedule appointments or to confirm attendance at pre-planning seminars.
Immediate Followup
Continued Nurturing
Appointments Times That Work For You
Keep Your hard earned leads safe and secure

Protect Your Assets

Some third-party marketers will not release your leads and data if you end the relationship.Another risk is that a staff member moves to another firm in the area and has all your leads. A CRM allows you to own or leads and protect them from many risks.
Secure Storage
Defined User Roles
Individual Accountability
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