Who We Are

proven leaders in marketing for independent Funeral Homes

Who Outcompete Is

75+ Years of Marketing Experience In Your Profession
Outcompete is a family-owned, fully independent full service agency that began in 2009 as Leap Tie, specifically for the funeral service profession.  Prior to that, Owners Sean & Michele Fagan have professional relationships in the profession going back to the early 1990s.
Our experience was earned by running extremely successful campaigns for some of the biggest names in the profession including past clients Horan & McConaty, Baue Funeral Homes, and many others. Our current focus is on small to midsize family-owned funeral homes, cemeteries, and cremation companies.  Our expertise can be yours.
As consolidation has collected companies like MKJ Marketing, Frazer Consultants, Frontrunner, and many others under the name Tribute Technology, independent funeral homes have fewer choices for truly unique marketing partners. Local agencies have never understood the language and intricacies of such a delicate service business.
What we do

We Don't Market, We Marvel.

To truly Outcompete, you need to treat your business like athletes treat their bodies. To accomplish your objectives and realize the vision you have for your business. we create and execute strategies and programs that keep you going and growing.

Experienced professionals. Proven results.

Goal-based Websites
Digital Marketing
Brand Management
Traditional Marketing
...and more.
Why Choose Us?

We're Different
Than Anyone Else.

We're Independent.

We take pride in our integrity and value-driven approach. Because Outcompete is independent and family owned like your business, we not only know your profession, we understand your challenges. We have an ownership mindset. We see you as unique and a partner, not one of thousands of faceless, unknown customers.

We're Full Service.

Working with separate vendors on multiple different initiatives costs more. takes more of your time, and delivers substandard results because. No matter what your objectives are, we make them happen with a streamlined, integrated marketing strategy.

We're Humans.

We dislike phone trees, wait times, voice mailboxes, and ticket systems even more than you. If humanly possible, we pick up on the first ring, just like a funeral home should. We are responsive and helpful. We value direct, face-to-face meetings & communication. By meeting with our clients regularly, we can establish a strong connection, better understand your goals, and build a lasting relationship based on trust and collaboration.

We're Not Order Takers.

Seeking both creativity and expertise? Outcompete delivers innovative ideas and strategies right to your doorstep. Not only do we bring your ideas to life, but we also thrive on the challenge of doing so. If you're a typical business owner with a trove of unexplored ideas or find yourself unsure of where to start, share your concepts with us. Whether it's building new community relationship campaigns or improving what you already do, prepare to be astonished at how easily we turn them into reality.
You are on the right path

We Mean Business.

Our experience helps your deathcare business connect with more families than ever before. As a full service agency we can meet any of your needs with a tailored strategy.


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