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stay connected to families with messages

Perfectly Timed

Newsletters and email marketing are yet another tool in a full on strategy for staying in touch with families and ensuring they are aware of events and news they can use.

build a private community


Newsletters can include upcoming events, self care tips, recipes, gentle preplanning reminders and much more. Outcompete can make these look professional and help you utilize Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and other programs.
Done For You Design & Formatting
Keep Contact With Families You Serve
Consider Quarterly Or Monthly
Target people with segmented lists & Messages

Email Marketing

Managed lists help you send highly personalized messages to specific groups.Priests & pastors, or social workers, or even alerting aged leads in certain zip codes that a planning seminar will be taking place in their area. An actively managed email list is a powerful tool.
Targeted Marketing to Specific Groups
Economical Personalized Messaging
Build Stronger Connections With Newsletters
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