Google Ads & Local SEO

help more people find you

Visibility Matters

Google Ads and local SEO help put you directly in front of people actively searching for the options they are willing to consider. Without a plan, you’re missing opportunities

jump in front of people when they search

Google Ads

Google Ads are a form of content that match very narrow terms people are using to find what they want. When they want what you offer, your ads can pull them directly to the right content on your site, which makes you more relevant because you satisfy a need they have. Most managers just send everyone to your home page. We also use highly relevant landing pages that turn clicks into high quality leads.
Geographically Focused Targeting
Compelling Copy That Gets Clicks
Landing Pages Convert Clicks Into Leads
Reports with results You can understand

Advanced Reporting

Many funeral service professionals do not understand digital marketing reports. Impressions, clicks, CTRs, and costs tell you nothing. Outcompete shows you how many people who clicked on ads completed requests for information and which forms they used. That's the difference between activity and results. Do you really have results?
Easy to Understand, Detailed Reports
Clearly Reported Outcomes
Easier to Make Informed Adjustments
People find you and see you before they click or call

Local SEO & Directories

Before people ever come to your website, they may visit directories like Google Business, Yelp, Bing, or Apple Maps. If those listings are neglected, you get passed over. Outcompete builds them all out and ensures your business has more details and is more interesting to browsers than your competitors. Proper and frequent updates of content and page titles help ensure your website is relevant to searchers and preferred by search engines.
Google Business and Directory Optimization
Website SEO Cleanups
Locally Relevant Content
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