Direct Mail & Postcards

personalized marketing at its best

Tangible Impact

Direct mail provides a focused and effective channel introducing families to the importance of planning ahead, nurturing existing leads, and inviting people to events.

Generate pre-planning leads

Direct Mail Letters

Letters and surveys still work very well. Unlike generic pre-need insurance company mail, Outcompete carries your brand right into the homes you target with custom mailers made for your market. We will keep mail in market every month and respect your budget.
Direct Mail Surveys
Pre-Planning Offer Letters
Family Follow-Up Survey Programs
Play Video
spark curiosity with images that communicate

Postcards That Impress

With limited space, postcards communicate your message concisely through impactful visuals. They capture the attention of recipients and increase the chances your message is understood. Essential information is showcased without overwhelming the reader.
Every Door Direct Mail or Targeted Lists
Nurture Programs For Aging Leads
Event & Seminar Postcards
Set the tone to match the occassion

Custom Cards & Invitations

Custom printed invitations create a memorable first impression, setting the tone for your event and capturing recipients' attention.By incorporating your brand's colors, logo, and style, custom cards and invitations reinforce brand recognition and consistency.
Service of Remembrance Invitations
Transfer Staff Cards for Families
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