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How much will an Outcompete Strategy cost for me?

That’s just like asking, “How much does a funeral cost?” It will depend on your objectives and your market. We do not do the same thing for every partner. You are unique.
If you are using any of the other SEO, social media, or marketing agencies in the profession, or multiple vendors, you should shop them against us just like you do for caskets and insurance. We can help you and we will start where it is comfortable for you.

Who owns Outcompete Marketing and how do I know that won’t change?

This question gets asked often now that most all the other website providers and marketing companies have sold out. Visit our Who Owns Whom page for details. Outcompete marketing is family-owned by Sean & Michele Fagan. We have children in high school and college and are committed to our business remaining independent.

Do you only work with large funeral homes, cremation businesses, and cemeteries?

No. And we do not provide any services to corporate consolidators. We only work for independently owned businesses.

How long does it take to get results?

There are no shortcuts on the path to success. A strategy integrates many different things and does not get launched in a week. You will notice immediate results when we launch. Most firms can launch everything in 3-6 months. Some parts do happen much more quickly.

Do I get to have any say in my marketing or do you make all my decisions?

We are collaborative. Because we are not doing the same thing for everyone, we want to do the best things for your business. We gladly listen to anything you are considering, and we also provide valuable feedback and recommendations so you can be sure your valuable resources are effective.

I don’t have a lot of time to be involved. Can I still do this?

Yes, you can! Your focus should be on your family and other matters. We do need your participation to keep things moving. We accomplish this with a fast paced, well organized, 15–30-minute momentum meeting every week or two. It’s easier than you think, and we know your availability is not predictable.

I have marketing vendors I want to keep. Do I have to fire them?

No, you don’t. We work with existing vendors all the time. This includes using your local printer if that relationship is very important to you.

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