Logo Design & Branding

Offer an Experience Families Can Feel

Build a Brand

A logo isn’t a brand.  It’s a recognizable symbol. Your brand is a family’s perception of what you offer, your reputation, &  their emotional connection to your business.

Logos Create Brand Recognition

Your Visual Signature

Your logo is partly how people know it's you they see, and partly a trigger for the feeling they have for your business, good or bad. If needed, Outcompete will create, refresh, or replace your logo as part of a complete brand strategy.
Illustrates Brand Promise
Conveys Brand Personality
Creates Brand Recognition
Creating A Brand Families Love

Offer An Experience

Outcompete's strategy will help you build your brand by linking your business identity to every family touch point. From when people first discover you, to when they call for pricing, all the way to when they collect death certificates & personal items, and move into aftercare.
Build and Grow Community Relationships
Design Special Moments Into Your Care
Give Families Reasons To Talk About Your Business
Be recognizably different than everyone else

Brand Consistency

Building a brand requires having distinctive differentiators, adhering to design standards, and maintaining consistency. Outcompete maps and manages all of this so you can focus on families and can count on looking your best everywhere. No more mismatched and generic items.
Inventory All Ads, Printed Items, and Tangible Assets
Teach Your Staff How To Create Impact Moments
Blend Family Touchpoints with Tangible Items
Do everything better than the rest

Competitive Advantages

With Outcompete's strategy, you will be recognizably different than other service providers. From how you are found, to how families see you, to how you communicate value, and how they choose you. We build and execute more than competitors can copy. They won't keep up.
Better Brand Recognition
Improved Conistency For Your Staff
Better Customer Experiences
Connecting your brand to organizations

Deeper Into Your Community

Funeral service is a relationship business. When you have a recognizable brand that connects with people on an emotional level, it's easier to foster and own important relationships with decision influencers and brand advocates. This includes social workers, first responders, clergy, elder-care attorneys, senior organizations, and more.
Cultivate Community Relationships
Forge Lasting Bonds
Create Visible Trustworthiness

Your logo is your businesses avatar. To communicate effectively, it must be used carefully.  Template website providers and third-party vendors often present logos poorly or use them on low quality items that create negative impressions.  This is why you need brand management.   Incorporating a well-designed logo into strategic touchpoints with families and high visibility relationships is essential to creating your brand strategy. A robust brand strategy has the impact of fostering community trust, preference, and long-term business growth. 

What Outcompete offers, no one can match. The response from our families has been tremendous.

Robert Carmical
Money & King Funeral Home and Cremation, Owner
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