Create High-Value Customers through Emotional Connections

3 Keys to Cause Marketing for Death Care Providers

Now more than ever, consumers go out of their way to align with brands that represent their values and personal beliefs. Nielsen Global reports that up to 55% of consumers will pay more for products or services from brands committed to social value. Social marketing, or cause marketing as it is often called, is especially important to Millennials. This year, Millennials surpassed all other generations in terms of spending power and by 2020, their collective spend will reach $1.4 trillion. What’s more, many Millennials are now starting to care for aging Boomer parents.

Recognizing and investing in your customers’ emotional motivations can have a big impact on your funeral home, crematory, or cemetery business. Leap Tie knows the power of cause marketing because we’ve seen it work. Our marketing experts have helped clients nationwide show their communities who they really are and form lasting emotional connections with customers.

To start an effective cause marketing campaign for your death care business, follow these three critical steps.


1. Embrace a relevant cause.

As a death care provider, we recommend lending your support to illnesses that impact families in your area. For instance, Alzheimer’s disease is now the sixth leading cause of death; by 2020, 14 million Americans will be living with the illness. There is no known for cure for Alzheimer’s, and it requires a staggering amount of caregiver time and resources. To connect with local families suffering through Alzheimer’s and dementia, you may consider hosting monthly support groups or quarterly caregiver training.

2. Advocate for action over donations.

Donations will always be important: curing diseases like cancer requires a great deal of time and resources. But as a death care professional who serves your community during their most trying times, you have the unique opportunity to make a real impact by advocating for change now—before it’s too late.                                                                                             

Leap Tie recently created a turnkey promotion for Ballard Durand, a New York area funeral home and crematory, to assist with a heart-wrenching rise of youth suicides. Our team developed suicide prevention materials to distribute among YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, area schools and other local youth organizations. All materials directed readers to the client’s website to learn more about depression and suicide and, most importantly, how to get help. A large local high school got wind of these efforts and invited Ballard Durand to speak at a suicide prevention event. Moved by the community’s response, the client remarked: “I’ve been here for years and have never made the contacts I was able to make though Leap Tie’s cause-related concept.”

3. Be enthusiastic.

It’s true what they say—enthusiasm is contagious. The cause you support should be clear to anyone visiting your brick-and-mortar location. Consider point-of-sale collateral, helpful resources and freebies like notebooks or pens. Make sure your employees know why your brand advocates for that specific cause. Their excitement and knowledge will help potential customers feel the authenticity of the support you provide.

Your online presence is equally important. Add a banner to your homepage that drives to an informative landing page about your cause marketing efforts. Promote your involvement on social media by including event details, photos, videos and links to helpful resources. It’s a great way to show you care while inviting others to join the conversation.

At Leap Tie, we make it easy to build powerful emotional connections that will set your business up for long-term growth. Reach out to us today for more information about cause marketing campaigns.


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