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Data shows that potential client families are extremely interested in learning about who will be taking care of them during one of life’s toughest moments. Please be sure to go in depth (in detail, not length) with your responses to the questions. Avoid answers like, “I have a dog and I like to go out to eat.” or “I like my work because I’m a people person.” Providing unique details about yourself as a person makes you more relatable to potential client families. These small details could be the reason a family chooses your firm.


Question: Provide a brief description of what you love about your job.

Answer: It is my personal belief that no one should go through the end of life process alone. Serving our communities as a funeral director gives me the opportunity to personally connect with those in need to ensure that they receive the comfort and guidance they deserve.

Note: All Staff Bio entries undergo are reviewed by a professional writer. Your answers could be slightly adjusted to accommodate the use of proper grammar or to fix any spelling or punctuation errors.

Above all: Don’t make it salesy, just make it real.

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