Lavenia & Summers Home for Funerals


Generate At-Need and Pre-Need Business


With no current pre-need lead generation strategy in-place, Outcompete began designing and developing a user-friendly website with educational landing pages which explained the benefits of pre-planning and utilized online lead forms. The website development included a robust SEO strategy to increase organic rankings on search engines when individuals would search for at-need or pre-need providers within the death care profession. In order to maximize opportunity and continue growing market share, Outcompete began analyzing and researching the strongest media tactics with the most efficient costs as well as producing the best ROI. Our team concluded that paid social media advertising would capture our target audience’s attention of African American adults 50+.


Since the 2018 launch of the social media paid advertising campaigns, Lavenia & Summers has seen a significant increase in pre-need lead generation. This increase has equated to more than 92 leads within a 5 month period and these leads continue to increase every day.

I’ve gotten to talk to a lot of people and help them with their plans.
Scottie Fields
Date May 2019 Client Lavenia & Summers Home for Funerals Website Location Worldwide Output Increasing number of leads every day
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